Airis String Quartet is constantly searching for new ways of crossing musical borders of classical string quartet. The quartet loves to join their musical forces together with other musicians (classical, jazz, popular) and draws huge inspiration from such musical fusions. They are not afraid to take risks. The ensemble explores modern music, takes the challenge of world premieres, looks for new sound qualities arising from merger with other string instruments, woodwinds, percussion or  human voice. 

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Jerzy Maslanka – luthier


prof. Andrzej Pikul – piano

dr hab. Bartłomiej Kominek – piano

Anna Stolarczyk – soprano

Magda Niedbała – Solarz – mezzo-soprano

dr Bartłomiej Duś – saxophone

Daniel Bollinger – clarinet

dr hab. Jan Kalinowski– cello

dr hab.  Marek Szlezer– piano

Adam Krzeszowiec – cello


Amadrums Trio

Nocą umówieni

Fluent Ensemble

Duo Accosphere

Daddy’s Cash

Beata Banasik – BEA


Miłosz Bembinow– composer

Krzysztof A. Janczak– composer

Łukasz Pieprzyk– composer

Michał Dobrzyński – composer

Wojciech Ziemowit-Zych – composer

Jarosław Płonka – composer

Arkadiusz Reikowski– composer

Garry Schyman– composer