Airis String Quartet

fot. Edyta Dufaj

„One revelation of my visit to the city of Krakow for the film music festival was hearing the amazing performance of my Bioshock Infinite string quartet by the Airis Quartet. Not only did they play with technical perfection but they brought such heart and emotion to my work. They both surprised and thrilled me and the audience.”

Garry Schymann
kompozytor muzyki filmowej podczas Festiwalu Muzyki Filmowej
w Krakowie we wrześniu 2014

„…The features that distinguish Airis Quartet is creativity, determination in originative search, diligence, excellent instrumental skills, musical sensitivity and special sense in performing contemporary music…”

Marek Moś
Violinist, chamber musician, former first violinist of the Silesian String Quartet Director of the AUKSO Orchestra

„(…) Artists put me into a permanent state of listening. From wistfulness and contemplation to overwhelming delight (…) One could have an impression of full orchestra though it was only a quartet playing. This music seemed to come from another world…”

Grażyna Zamorska- publisher in Cracow Internet Newspaper
Review of performing String Quartet no. 3 composed by Krzysztof Penderecki on the concert in Krzysztof Penderecki European Center of Culture in Lusławice