Hartmann – NEW ALBUM

We are very happy to announce that our CD Album- polish premiere of two string quartets by Karl Amadeus Hartmann appeared finally. We are overwhelmed with happiness! It was amazing adventure for us to explore completly unknown musical literature.
We would like to thank Beata Jankowska-Burzyńska our fantastic sound engineer for her professionalism and great work, and CD Accord Music Edition with it’s director Andrzej Sasin- for trust,openess and fantastic final result of this project.
The author of the CD cover is Paweł Kuczyński https://www.facebook.com/pawelkuczynskiart/
who expressed throught his ilustration true nature of Hartmann’s music and his attitude towards nazi regime.

But nothing could happen without financial support from National Center of Culture and “Young Poland” scholarship which we got awarded last year. 👏👏👏

Our debut album!

We have desappeared from facebook activities recently because we lost ourselves complitely in a project that means a lot for us. Whe had been waiting for a long time to make our dream come true. Last year we came closer to that by achieving a prestigious scholarship from Polish Ministry of Culture thanks to which we could finally do it! On January 2018 we recorded our first professional CD Album! It contains two string quartets by Karl Amadeus Hartmann and “Langsamer Satz” by Anton Webern. We will tell you more about this extraordinary and unique repertoire soon. 
The recordings sessions took place in wonderfull concert hall of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice . Special thanks to Beata Jankowska-Burzyńska, our great sound director, for a professional and inspiring co-operation and for beeing a good psychologist spreading a positive vibes arround (everyone who recorded anything in his life knows how important it is). It was an amazing adventure! Stay tuned for more!

Music for great polish poetry.

Our wonderfull tallented friend Katarzyna Szklarz composed music for great polish poetry and arranged it for vocal, string quartet and piano. We recorded a small demo version recently. You are very welcome to listen! You can easly fall in love with that as we did . Perfect soundtrack for autumn evenings…

II International Chamber Competition Ludwig van Beethoeven in Luslawice

It looks like we are experts of the special award 🙂 We got Special Prize for the best performance of the piece by Krzysztof Penderecki at the 2nd International Beethoven Chamber Music Competition in Lusławice. We are very happy also because it’s hard to imagine better place to get such award than Krzysztof Penderecki European Center of Music. II String Quartet is one of our favourite pieces of the XXth century and we are glad that our fascination of this music was convincing for the jury.
Prize giving ceremony and concert of the laureates will take place tomorrow at 12:00. Whatch us on youtube livestream!

 II International Chamber Competition Karol Szymanowski in Katowice

Special Prize for Airis Quartet at 2nd Karol Szymanowski International String Quartet Competition!
Congratulations for all the participants.
We also would like to thank you:
Quatuor Diotima for your time, motivation and marvelous inspiration !
Piotr Szumieł, our master, and dear friend, for help in the preparations, endless faith in our potential and Your “great heart”.
Many thanks to You also – our Dear listeners, for your BIG support!


After a brief moment of holiday “dolce far niente” we are back to action! Here comes a very intensive and hardworking time for us, challenging aims to achieve, competitions, recording session and what’s the most important fantastic music to explore. For a good start we announce our three upcoming concerts: The Niepołomice Royal Castle, Paderewski Manor House in Kąsna Dolna and Mehoffers Museum in Cracow. We’re going to perform music by Haydn, Tansman, Kodaly and Szymanowski. Stay tuned and follow our events on our facebook profile and official websitehttps://airisquartet.com/


We would like to share with you effect of our very spontanious and itriguing collaboration with young film director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn. Our old recording of L. van Beethovens String Quartet F major op 18 no.1 part 2 became a soundtrack to Sallys short movie “BLAME”. Effect of this collaboration is really ellctrifying. Thrilling crime story which leaves you with a big question mark in your head, and hypnotic music by Beethoven. We truly recommend to watch that and also to follow all activities of Sally on her facebook profile.


The end of June is going to be very intensive and exciting. We’re going to play three concerts in Paris presenting great music by Szymanowski, Tansman, Kodaly, Penderecki and Chopin. Our trip to Paris brings us again opportunity to work with a great and inspiring musicians from Quatuor Diotima during masterclasses organised by Pro Quartet. You are very welcome to join us on our concerts: 28th of June in Polish Library, 29th of June in Hungarian Institute and on 30th of June in Le Centquatre-Paris

“Father and Son”

Again we have pleasure to co-operate with composer Arkadiusz Reikowski! After a great success of computer game Kholat here comes a new one- “Father and Son”, game created for Museo Archeologico di Napoli. Final results soon! 

“Mloda Polska” Scholarship

We are the laureates of the “Młoda Polska” Scholarship for artists!!!! Thanks to that financial support our dream comes true-we will record an Album with music for string quartet by Karl Amadeus Hartmann and Anton Webern!!!! We are extremely happy to share that information with you!!!

Airis Quartet & Amadrums Trio

After a short break in our active co-operation with Amadrums Trio we are coming back with recording session of Łukasz Lukasz Nox Pieprzyk compositions dedicated to our ensemble: “Ignition” which we presented at the Film Music Festival in Cracow in 2014 and “Hybrid Film Music Suite” that we performed during our Artistic Residency in 2015. Stay tuned to catch effects of this session soon. For now you can have a look at some photos from the B&B records studio on our facebook fanpage!

Airis Quartet is about to perform a great String Quintet by Schubert!

On the 6th of March 2016 Airis Quartet is about to perform wonderfull masterpieces of chamber music – String Quintet in C major D.956 by Franz Schubert and String Quartet in g minor by Claude Debussy. A special guest will join us- great polish cellist Adam Krzeszowiec . We are looking forward to play together and share to the public our pleasure and joy. The concert will take place in Radio Katowice Concert Hall.

Concert Tour in Sweden

From 21sttill 27thof November 2015 Airis Quartet will showed up in Sweden for the first time! The concerts took place in Tingsryd, Landskrone, Olofstrom and Ronneby and we prepeared for the public various repertoire including Beethoven, Bacewicz, Ravel, Musorgsky as well as film and computer game music! We hope come back to so greatfull public as soon as possible!

Airis Quartet  and SKALDOWIE

A great surprise and a honor happened to us this autumn. Legendary polish rock band SKALDOWIE invited us to play with them during their  50years anniversary concert in Congress Center ICE in Cracow. Amazing atmosphere, charismatic artists, almost 1800 incredibly enthusiastic people in the audience and wonderfull songs and lyrics, which we all sing since childhood. Unforgetable moments!

New inspiring cooperation!

A great concert on Przemyśl Autumn Music Festival  took place on 5thof November 2015, where new inspiring cooperation born between Airis Quartet and Fluent Ensemble- accordion and saxophone duo. Unusual mix of instruments gave the public original sound expearience and awaked an enthusiastic applause. Both groups presented their own repertoire as well as compositions by Prokofiev and Milhaud performed together. Contemporary composers got interested in such new ensemble already and pieces specially written for us will come up soon… Stay tuned!

Malta International Music Competition® 2015

We would like to share with you some great news! After three rounds that we went through- Airis Quartet got a 3rd Prize at the International Music Competition on Malta. Congratulations for other laureates!!

Airis Quartet- „Artist-resident”. Success again!

Great news from  Dance and Music Institute- project of the Airis Quartet in co-operation with “Silesia” Music Agency won a financial grant “Artist-resident”! That means that great concerts are going to happen soon. Various repertoire will be presented: from string quartet, string quintet and clarinet quintet finishing on septet with percussion.  Stay tuned and look for more details on our website and facebook fanpage.

KHOLAT – Music for „Kholat” computer game

We present official trailer of the „Kholat” computer game with music composed by Arkadiusz Reikowski who invited Airis Quartet to record it.

Kholat is an adventure game in a  horror convention. The game story is based on  true events- tragedy in Diatlow pass. Winter 1959, a group of 9 russian alpinists goes for expedition to the north part of the Ural mountains. It didn’t finish with a happy ending- their bodies were found on the hillside of the Cholat Sjakl (what means “Dead Mountain”), next to the abandoned camp. Most of them died because of cold. Mysterious fact  about this situation is that tent was cut  from inside, like the alpinists had to run away very quickly in the middle of the night. The real reason of this tragedy is still a mystery today.

Kholat game in english version is narrated by Sean Bean, in polish- by Andrzej Chyra.

We invite you to watch a game trailer with music performed by Airis Quartet and recommend whole game to play. We also enclose a link to the article about “Kholat” music on gamemusic.pl.

Daddy’s Cash 

“Hello” Album coming soon! It’s the result of Daddys Cash Band and Airis Quartet musical co-operation. You’ll have a chance to listen to us in a completely new style. Stay tuned! 

alterFMF: GameOn / Duomo-Ignition


Busy summer comes!

Busy summer comes! We’ve been accepted after recording selection to take part in two big international competitions for string quartets – Dvorak Competition in Prague and Orlando Competition in Kerkrade (Holland). Keep Your fingers crossed for us on June and August. 

Lineup changes in Airis Quartet

As we expect the first baby in our quartet- a BOY!- we’re about to announce some lineup changes. Our future happy mother Katarzyna Kosior will be replaced now by cellist Joanna Gutowska, a student at the Academy of Music in Cracow. Wishing all the best to Katarzyna and looking forward to babys birth we come back to work- plans for next months are competitions in Poland, Czech, Holland and Austria and lots of interesting concerts. We’ll be updating all news regularly on our website and we encourage You to stay tuned.

Another success! Second dotation for project “Composition orders” 

It’s our great pleasure to announce that our efforts to get a dotation from Ministery of Culture and National Heritage ended with a success. This time Krzysztof A.  Janczak www.janczak.art.pl , fantastic young polish composer, will the one who writes a piece for us. Our cooperation and warm friendship started during recording a soundtrack to “Dans les pas de Marie Curie” movie in 2011. The ordered piece will be a septet for string quartet and percussion trio and the premiere will take place in Autumn 2014

Concert of the Airis Quartet during a Malopolski Congress of Women

On the 1st of March in Auditorium Maximum of Jagiellonian Uniwersity in Cracow Malopolski Congress of Women will take place. It’s a very interesting event associating a lot of ambitious, creative and determinate women all over Poland. We are very happy to be invitated to play a concert there at 18.15. with a special guest- cellist Prof. Dorota Imiełowska. In program: Tangos by Astor Piazzola. 

Next competition struggles coming soon. Please keep Your fingers crossed for us!

Upcoming months will be a time of strenuous work on wide repertoire selected for international competitions. We are going to take part in competition in Slovenia on April, Dvorak Competition in Prague on June, Malta Chamber Music competition and the last one this year is going to be an International String Quartet Competition in Katowice (Poland) on September. Please keep Your fingers crossed for us. We need Your support! 

Cooperation with clarinetist Daniel Bolinger

We are happy to inform that after one year break we will continue our inspiring and colourfull cooperation with the principal clarinetist of Karlsruhe Theatre of Music and Drama. The concerts will take place on May 2014 in Saarland (Germany). The program will include inter alia the clarinet quintet by Johannes Brahms. We will inform You about all details soon. 

We are students in prof.Johannes Meissl music class

We can officially announce that Since september 2012 we are students AT the University of Music and Performing Arts In Vienna. Next two years will be time of hard work in prof. Johannes Meissl chamber music class

Music Festival Orlando in Holland

After short holidays on July the time of hard work started. The beginning was Music Festival Orlando in dutch town Kerkrade where we’ve been exploring the secrets of Mozarts and Ravels music under the supervision of professor Luc-Marie Aguera, violinist of the Ysaye Quartet and teacher of Conservatory of Music in Paris.

Series of concetrs promoting a CD “Ave Maria”

September brought a series of concerts promoting a CD “Ave Maria” which is the result of our co-operation with Catedral Girls Choir Puellae Orantes. The first concert took place on 6th of September in magic Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz. Among the invited guests appeared also composers of the pieces recorded on the CD for instance Miłosz Bembinow, Paweł Łukaszewski and Michał Lorenc. Concert tournee included also France. Series of concerts took place in antique churches in region Burgundy on October. On September we had a pleasure to join European Chamber Music Academy masterclasses for the first time. It took place in alpine village Grossraming in Austria. During the masterclasses we worked with masters: : Hatto Bayerle, Avo Kouyoumdijan, Ferenc Rados and Johannes Meissl.