Airis String Quartet  was founded in 2008 by the students from the Academy of Music in Cracow. In less than half a year after coming into existence the Quartet was awarded II prize at the International Competition Of The Contemporary Chamber Music in Cracow.  Following years have brought numerous awards:

  • Polish-Danish Friendship Prize, won at International Competition of Contemporary Chamber Music in Cracow, 2010,
  • Honorous Distinction at International String Quartet Competition in Radom, 2011,
  • Public Prize awarded during the final concert of Masterclasses carried out by Apollon Musagette Quartett,
  • “EMCY Prize for Excellent Performance”  at the 27th International Charles Hennen Competition, Holland 2012,
  • Windisch Kammermusik Preis in Wien, 2012.
  • Special Prize at the 1st Karol Szymanowski Inetrnational String Quartet Competition in Katowice, 2014
  • Grand Prix – III International Mater Competition , Warszawa 2015
  • 3rd Prize at the International Music Competition on Malta 2015
  • Special Prize for the best performance of 20th Century – at the 2nd Karol Szymanowski Inetrnational String Quartet Competition in Katowice, 2017
  • Special Prize for the best performance of the piece by Krzysztof Penderecki – at the 2nd International Beethoven Chamber Music Competition in Lusławice, 2017


The ensemble acquired the essentials of playing together tutored by musicans of Dafo Quartet in Cracow and Jeroen Reuling and Sarah Kapustin in Holland. In 2014, Airis finished the post-graduate studies at University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna in Johannes Meissl’s class, violinist of Artis Quartet. Since 2012 the quartet was also a member of the European Chamber Music Academy. The ensemble took part in numerous masterclasses and improved their skills with such great musicians like: Marek Moś ( Silesian String Quartet, AUKSO Orchestra), Arkadiusz Kubica (Silesian String Quartet), Piotr Rechert (Camerata Quartet), Royal String Quartet, Apollon Musagete Quartett , Melos Quartet, Piotr Tarcholik, Jeroen Reuling, Sarah Kapustin (Rubens Quartet), Marc Danel (Danel Quartet), Grzegorz Kotow (Szymanowski Quartet), Luc Marie Aguera (Ysaye Quartet), Miguel da Silva (Ysaye Quartet), Peter Prause, Hatto Bayerle, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Peter Crooper. On April 2016 the quartet was invited to take part in extraordinary masterclasses with Quatuor Diotima in Noirlac (France) studying contemporary pieces and modern techniques and working with young composers.


Besides classical and romantic pieces Airis String Quartet concentrates also at contemporary music, which takes special place in their repertoire. The ensemble had the honour and pleasure to work with great composers like Krzystof Penderecki,  Krzysztof Meyer, Rafal Augustyn, Ib Norholm and film music composers like Garry Schymann and Krzystof. A. Janczak. The quartet is also open to the artistic activity of young composers and often first performs their pieces.

Airis String Quartet doesn’t limit oneself into string quartet only. Constantly looking for creative and inspiring expearances the ensemble co-operates with clarinet player Daniel Bollinger, Girls Choir Puellae Orantes ( in 2012 appared a CD recorded by Airis and Puellae, containing pieces specially composed by acclaimed polish composers). Since 2013 Airis both with Amadrums Percussion Trio performs as a innovative  septet for whoom the young composers creates their pieces ( on may 2012 premiere of the piece Ignition for strings, percussion and electronics composed by Łukasz Pieprzyk took place). New upcoming projects of the group are in progress.

Results  of experiments with  non-classical  music will also see the light of a day  on 2014- new interesting co-operation of Airis and  Daddys Cash band. CD Album “Hallo and Goodbye” will be released soon.

On 2015 Airis String Quartet took up postgraduate chamber music studies at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice and works with Piotr Szumieł- violist of the Apollon Musagete Quartet.

In 2017 Airis String Quartet became a laureate of the „Młoda Polska” Scholarship for artists financed by the National Centre of Culture in Poland.